The Highest Paying Jobs of 2018

The 20 jobs that paid the highest salaries in 2018

The US News & World Report published a ranking of the most promising professions in the USA in 2018. They took into account the demand in the job market, the level of wages, stress and the balance between work and personal life. The top 20 most highly paid jobs included only one career related to IT.

The 20 jobs that paid the highest salaries in 2018

The first 11 positions in the list of the most highly paid jobs were taken by medical workers. The first place is taken by an anesthesiologist, with an average salary of $187 thousand per year.

An oil industry engineer ranked 12th in the ranking with an average salary of $130,000. The highest-paid IT profession in the ranking is the IT manager (13 place). His annual median income reaches $132 thousand. The 14th place is taken by a marketing manager ($128 thousand).

Top 20 most highly paid jobs in the US in 2018:

  1. Anesthesiologist, $187,000.
  2. Surgeon, $187,000.
  3. Maxillofacial surgeon, $187,000.
  4. Gynecologist, $187,000.
  5. Orthodontist, $187,000.
  6. Therapist, $187,000.
  7. Psychiatrist, $187,000.
  8. Pediatrician, $170,000.
  9. Dentist, $153,000.
  10. Orthopedic dentist, $120,000 (according to the article Business Insider, $161000).
  11. Nurse anesthetist, $157,000.
  12. Oil industry engineer, $130,000.
  13. IT manager, $132,000.
  14. Marketing manager, $129,000.
  15. Lawyer, $116,000.
  16. Orthopedist, $119,000.
  17. Financial manager, $118,000.
  18. Sales Manager, $114,000.
  19. Operations Manager, $97,000 (according to Business Insider, $119,000).
  20. Pharmacist, $122,000

Top 10 best technology jobs, according to US News & World Report:

  1. Computer systems analyst, $86000;
  2. Developer, $98,000;
  3. IT manager, $131,000;
  4. Web developer, $65,000;
  5. Computer network architect, $100,000
  6. Database administrator, $82,000;
  7. Security systems analyst, $90,000;
  8. Support specialist, $62,000;
  9. System administrator, $78,000;
  10. Software developer, $80,000.

Do not forget that the United States is a country of great opportunities and much will depend on a career here. If you have received the diploma but your qualification leaves much to be desired, you will not have to rely on the highest salaries. Conversely, a less “monetary” industry can generate huge incomes if you succeed in the profession. A lot of things depend on the specialist, his qualifications and the desire to develop. And, of course, from the state in which he lives.

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